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  • How do I rent the Club House/Community Center?
    You should call Marcia at Barnet Management 216-831-0165 first to see if the date is available. Then you can reserve the Community Center by filling out the WATERBURY COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL AGREEMENT form and fax to 216-831-4168 or Mail to:
    Barnett Management Inc.
    3681 S. Green Road #305
    Beachwood OH 44122-5716
  • How much are Homeowner Dues?
    Currently, dues are $362.50 plus a $12.50 reserve fund for a total of $375.00 per year.
  • I am thinking of making improvements to my house, do I need to tell anyone?
    Yes, by covenant, there are some restrictions as to what you can do to your property to maintain harmony in the community. If you are considering an improvement please review our Architectural Guidelines and if you live in a Sub-Association consult thoughs guidelines as well.
  • Is my information here private?
    Absolutely! Waterbury HOA is committed to keeping your personal information private. Waterbury HOA will not sell, distribute, or share any personal information you provide. Any personal information we posses will be used for the sole purpose of administering the relationship between yourself and Waterbury HOA. Please review our full website policies for more information.
  • What are our Association Dues used for?
    Dues are used for the maintenance of our common areas, community center, tot lots, snow removal, homeowner communications, website fees, association meetings and other ways to improve the community.
  • What are the rules for the use of our pool?
    1. The pool opens on Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day.
    2. The pool is open from 10 AM to 8 PM with hourly 15 minute breaks.
    3. Residents must use their control access key to gain admittance into the pool area.
    4. Use of the pool and the pool area when the lifeguard is not on duty is prohibited. The police will be contacted if this rule is violated.
    5. Please refrain from visiting with the lifeguard on duty. This could distract them from their duties.
    6. The pool will close (at the discretion of the lifeguard) for any inclement weather.
    7. The emergency telephone is available from the lifeguard.
    8. No diving into the pool.
    9. Non-swimmers under 12 must be accompanied by a swimming adult.
    10. Children 5 and under must have proper supervision with them at all times. While lifeguards are responsible for the safety of all patrons, they cannot take the place of an adult or supervisor.
    11. Individuals wearing approved swim diapers are allowed in the main pool.
    12. No pets are permitted inside the fence area.
    13. No bicycles or other wheeled vehicles, except wheelchairs and walkers, are permitted in the pool area.
    14. All residents and guests must conduct themselves in a safe manner.
    15. Residents may only bring two (2) guests to the pool.
    16. Alcoholic beverages of any type are prohibited inside and outside the fenced area. Swimming after the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
    17. Food is not permitted inside the fenced area.
    18. No glass containers of any kind are permitted in the fenced area.
    19. Running, pushing or rough-housing is not permitted in or around the pool.
    20. Personal floatation devices, such as life preservers, vests and water wings are permitted so long as the person using these devices is accompanied by a swimming adult. Floats, toys, beach balls, and other non-safety items are prohibited. Please ask the lifeguard if you are unsure as to whether the item is allowed.
    21. Pool lounge chairs are to remain in the enclosed pool area and may not be used elsewhere.
    22. Proper swimming attire must be worn at all times.
    23. No radios; headsets only.
    24. The decision of the lifeguard shall be final.
    These rules are made for everyone's safety and enjoyment of the pool. Waterbury Homeowners Association, Inc. reserves the right to ask anyone in violation of any of the above rules to leave the pool or the pool area.
     As a reminder to homeowners, households are limited to 2 guests. The pools max capacity, per city officials, is 154 and will be strictly enforced by the lifeguards.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We hope that you and your family enjoy the Community Pool this summer.
  • When are the dues due?
    Fees due on January 31, 2009 with a grace period of February 15, 2009. Payments received after February 15 will be assessed a $35 late fee.
  • Where can I find a copy of the covenants?
    A copy of the Covenants for Waterbury HOA can be found on the documents page.
  • Who repairs our mailboxes and how?
    We have recently received several questions in regards to who's responsibility it is to maintain the mailboxes and posts. According to our documents the responsibility lies with the homeowner, not the association. That being said one of our homeowners, Bradley Dean, has indicated he can assist in replacing/repairing.
    Bradley Dean
    Cell 440-315-5768
    Attached are the specification from our documents: Mailboxes
    Here are some suggested replacements:
    6X6 Post Cap While this cap is not green, it can be painted.
    The GREEN used is:
    Pantone color is 343, however the closest match is Sherwin Williams #6454, Shamrock.
    Any question or concerns please dont hesitate to contact us at Contact Us